Tips To Geek Up Your Private Lender Pitches

You may not claim to be a geek or live for the next tech gadget but you can still take your pitches for private mortgage lenders and real estate investing income to the next level with a little help from you mobile devices.


The iPad is probably one of the best things to ever come along for real estate investing, especially for those seeking out private money. Utilizing the Keynote app you can build dazzling presentations that will clearly separate you from the newbies and your competition. If you are still old school you can work with Microsoft PowerPoint and print PDFs but you will also find the ability to stream on HDTV and project your presentations can help you wow a whole room of potential investors at once.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is perhaps one of the most underestimated of currently available mobile devices. It is going to be far more influential and important for marketing than many realize, though as more reviews are revealed in the next few weeks marketers will certainly be waking up to it. Though beyond just being an entertainment device for you, your Kindle Fire can also be a valuable presentation tool for your real estate investing activities. How? Upgrade to the Quickoffice Pro app to work on your spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations. Check out the i-Clickr app to turn your Fire into a presentation remote for Powerpoint, OpenOffice and Keynote slides. If you want to captivate a room of prospects on the spur of the moment either at a networking event, lunch or at your social work space check out the Tag to Mobile PRESENTER for streaming your presentations to multiple prospects on their mobile devices. It will also let them take away a PDF and allow you to canvas draw on your presentation.