Tips for Really Working from Anywhere Effectively

One of the best things about making your money from real estate investing is the freedom to travel but traveling and running a business even as a solo entrepreneur definitely has its challenges. What tools should you be arming yourself with to make sure you are on top of the game whether you are laying on the beach in Fiji or on a ski lift in the Alps?

Other entrepreneurs may get away without a phone glued to their ears 24/7 but as a real estate investing pro you just can’t be disconnected too long or risk missing juicy deals. If you are traveling out of the country your cell phone company is likely to whack you with ridiculous roaming charges. Instead get a number you can forward to wherever you are, whether you are using a local SIM card or prefer Google Voice or Skype.

Maintaining a great internet connection is clearly just as if not even more important. If staying in the U.S. a simple WIFI or better MIFI device can keep you wired in whether you are in Connecticut or San Diego, CA. If you plan on going further afield you had better research hotspots in advance.

Your new iPad may make you feel cool at your local Starbucks, on the subway or even at the airport but it is probably going to make you a prime target for getting jumped if you plan on going anywhere exotic. You are probably better off packing a great notebook and upgrading your smartphone.

Cleary taking paper files with you are a no go. Instead try Google Docs. This will allow you to share, access and collaborate on Word, Excel and Powerpoint files from anywhere in the world and without ever losing anything, even if your laptop gets jacked.

For saving money on travel check out online travel and real estate investing forums, you may make some great connections to hook up with abroad who have clients or friends interested in buying your properties stateside.

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