Top 10 Cities For Vampires

With the housing sector on the mend and encouraging forecasts heading into next year, activity should experience a significant boost. Of particular importance, however, is the inclusion of a widely neglected population: Millennials. For the better part of a decade, Millennials have been unable to participate in the housing sector. However, those involved with the real estate industry need to be aware that Millennials are not the only demographic looking to purchase a home.

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we would pay tribute to some of the most popular monsters of the night. After all, vampires need homes too. With Halloween upon us, we sunk our teeth into the data and found the best U.S. cities to be a vampire. Read on to find out which cities flew to the top, and which came in dead last. And if you happen to be a vampire, you can start your search for a new home in one of these places: