How to Turn Off Investors in 5 Minutes

Whether you are looking for private money lenders, attempting to raise venture capital or crowdfunding or just pulling in more partners or end investors to flip houses to, there is a sure fire way to turn them off in 5 minutes or less…

Sadly most don’t get it and think they are 100% on their game while prospects cringe on the inside and make excuses to get away.

You’ll see it a pitch events, real estate investing groups, when you walk into a Realtor’s open house and especially the moment you creep onto a car dealer’s lot.

One of the biggest problems is real estate investors letting their passion for the almighty dollar result in them literally or inadvertently screaming “all I care is about money, making a ton of money and closing the next deal”.

Passion is great. However, even when you don’t mean to, that is often just what prospects hear. When they hear that they immediately leap to the conclusion that you then probably don’t care much about quality, service, long term relationships, sustainability, perhaps your own reputation or them, and that means the odds are they will get a bum product and be left holding the bag when your plans fall off the rails.

That means not being repaid for that loan, not seeing the real estate investing returns promised, or even being left with an unsalable, non-performing ‘asset’ that is going to cost a lot to get rid of. Who wants that?

The solution? Don’t be needy  and focus on what you are doing for them.

Check your pitch, check your copy, check your eyeballs bulging when you think they are going to break out the checkbook.

This doesn’t mean making money is bad. That’s why you’re in real estate investing, right? Just make sure you are beaming value not greed…

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