Twitter For Real Estate Investing

by Chris Musial

You already know that you need to be using Twitter for your real estate investing business, but are you getting the most out of it?

Just creating a Twitter account and throwing up a few random Tweets is not going to yield the massive results and tons of leads you have heard others raving about. The power of Twitter for real estate investing is in being able to reach thousands of prospects in the shortest amount of time. This means in order for real estate investing companies to get the most out of Twitter they also need to focus on building up a big fan base, not just blasting out Tweets.

There are a couple of ways to boost the number of Twitter followers you have for your real estate investing business. You can just try adding others and hope they add you back, though this can take a lot of time. You can run competitions and offer rewards for prospects who Tweet about your real estate investing company and who get others to follow you too. Though perhaps the most efficient way to do this is by using a program like Tweet Adder which automates finding followers that are ideal for your business. However you should also be promoting your Twitter account everywhere possible from including a Twitter feed on your website and blog to a ‘follow me on Twitter’ link in every email that you send out.

What should you be Tweeting about? Remember Tweeting is about managing customer opinion, improving customer retention and spurring followers to action. If you do not offer value in your Tweets you can’t expect anyone to keep reading them or click through to your real estate investing website or blog. Also get more in your Tweets by shortening your links using Bitly.

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