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Orlando Acquisition & Wholesaling Bootcamp
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Friday, August 19th – Sunday, August 21st, 2022
Hilton Orlando | Orlando, FL

What to expect at the Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp:

Wholesaling is one of the fastest ways to make consistent money in real estate. It allows investors to put a property under contract and quickly assign or resell the property to another investor. At the Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to complete this lucrative strategy from start-to-finish. Likewise, you will leave the training with an exact blueprint detailing which systems you should leverage in order to grow the wholesaling side of your business.

We take a very systematic approach in this training as you’ll learn how to master the systems required to wholesale multiple deals per month.

At the Acquisitions & Wholesaling Bootcamp you’ll learn by the example CT Homes LLC set, focusing on wholesale deals that CT Homes LLC has recently closed and is actively working on. The systems and strategies you learn will help you establish a base for your investing success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how to evaluate deals quickly and easily without leaving your house
  • Learn how to appraise the value of any property so you can have the confidence to make offers every time you visit a seller
  • Be able to structure creative offers so you can buy houses without any of your own cash
  • Practice sessions on meeting with potential sellers and learning how to handle objections
  • Implement the 9-Stage Selling System to completely automate every phase of the selling process!