Under Promise, Over Deliver

‘Under promise, over deliver’ is a phrase that has been thrown around a lot in advertising recently. However it often seems to be a line used too often in ads whether it is car dealers or real estate investing companies, that do not really back it up. In fact, telling someone you are going to ‘under promise, and over deliver really thwarts the whole idea and has them expecting more than what you can promise already!

Have you ever received a postcard or email offering a great deal, only when you call of course it is double the price? How did that make you feel about that company? You probably won’t trust them or ever want to call them again. Travel agencies are often the worst. You see an email subject line promising $10 a day car rentals or $20 a night hotels, only when you click through the cheapest hotels and cars are all at least double the price. So when it comes to advertising for your real estate investing business while it may be nice to get a lot of traffic to your website if you are instantly turning them off and alienating them it will do more harm than good.

This doesn’t just apply to email marketing for those in the real estate investing business, the same goes for direct mail, newspaper and magazine ads and everything else. It is good to talk up your properties, especially if you are flipping run down wholesale deals, but unless you also offer real value you are going to end up with a bad reputation. Building steady sources or buyers and sellers is one of the most important factors in being able to earn consistent profits through real estate investing so be careful not to burn bridges and give some thought to how you can over deliver.