US Number 1 Pick for Real Estate Investing in 2012

Who said confidence in US real estate was shaky? The US was second only to the UK in cross border investment last year according to recent data. Even better we are being named the top pick for real estate investing in 2012 too!

According to a survey by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate the US is still number one. It’s members already hold almost a trillion in real estate around the globe with almost half of that in the US. What’s better is 60 percent of their respondents said they will be increasing their real estate investing this year too.

Among the top cities expected to benefit from this influx of cash is expected to be New York, Washington and San Francisco, though you can bet destinations like Miami will rank up there too. Yes, there are plenty of local prospects wherever you are but with the whole planet in easy reach via the web and social media why not go after the biggest cash buyers?

If one of your New Years resolutions or top goals for this year is to do more traveling then you can also arm yourself with an iPad, translate your presentations and head off to round up the big bucks and big fish while taking in the sights. Check out some of the upcoming international real estate conventions or even get together with some other local real estate pros and brainstorm on how you can put your own together.

If nothing else you may find that reaching out to offer your real estate investing deals through an affiliate program and through foreign estate agents could be just the trick for rocketing your volume and income throughout 2012 and beyond.

The whole world is full of prospects for your real estate investing business, go get ’em!

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