Aaron Impens Victory


Aaron Impens Victory

ATI Properties, LLC in Lincoln, Nebraska

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign, Implemented an individual system, Started using a system, Created a new system, Got my first lead, Made my first offer, Got my first deal under contract

I have dove right in to this real estate investing journey. In the last two months I have started from scratch and come a long way in a short period of time. I created a new business name, created a website, also a facebook page and blog. I have implemented multiple marketing campaigns from direct mail, craigslist, flyers and of cousre my favorite, my little yellow billboards that are just lead generating machines, bandit signs!! I have stuck to a consistent plan every week and because of that I have 3 deals currently under contract. I have gotten those deals within the last two weeks and it is very exciting and makes me nervous all at the same time. I will be getting my 4th under contract tomorrow. Now to keep my marketing going and work hard on building my buyers list and getting these deals wholesaled. Also I havent aqcuired any funding for deals yet but I am working hard at finding those cash buyers and private money investors. I am loving it and keeping the momentum going!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I owe alot of my knowledge to my father and his positive attitude and always believing in me. At the same time, Fortune Builders and this wonderful mastery program is amazing and hast aught me SOOOO much. I cant wait to continue to follow the path and grow my business to the highest level.

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