AJ Marotta Victory


AJ Marotta Victory

Primetime Properties in San Antonio, Texas

Type(s) of Victory: Paid it forward somehow, Sold another deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property

Bought a property beginning of December, rehabbed it, and closed on it February 13. During the rehab, we had to replace all the wood siding because of wood rot, and even put granite in the house in a neighborhood that does not typically see granite. The biggest issue in selling the property was the neighbor across the street. He would sit outside his house and watch buyers walk through the house. After they walked through, he would go outside and tell the potential buyers they did not want to buy the house because the owner just covered up all the problems. I was unaware of this until a lady withdrew her offer; she told me what the neighbor was saying. I then called some people that saw the house and they said the same thing. But, the same neighbor was trying to buy the house for his daughter and submitted two offers. Other than the neighbor issue, this rehab was extremely smooth. One of the highlights was I talked to the next door neighbor about the fence between the two yards. I asked him if my crew could take down and dispose of the rotted fence on his side. He accepted because it would help beautify his property as well. We disposed of it, and two days later the neighbor actually put the new fence in. Great feeling.

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FortuneBuilders helped me to look at properties with a different eye and see how the rehab actually helped the neighborhood.

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