Andrea Tapp Victory


Andrea Tapp Victory

Oak Heritage Properties in Catoosa, OK

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented an individual system, Found a great team member, Got my first lead, Made my first offer, It was just awesome

We feel accomplished in the beginnings of building our RE team! :) NCH has also helped us set up an S-Corp and we are an official entity! Woohoo! We now have RealeFlow, and are going to look at our 2nd house tomorrow. We have made one offer, not accepted (but its a start!) and hopefully can make another offer tomorrow! Thank you FB for giving us the support and incredible resources to move forward!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Suzanne Lederer has been SO helpful at every question and turn! She always gives fast (within hours) and helpful responses and is so encouraging too! :)

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