Andrew Driscoll Victory


Andrew Driscoll Victory

Expedited Property Solutions, LLC in La Grange Park, IL
Andrew Driscoll with Andrew Driscoll

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Implemented an individual system, Created a new system, Found a great team member, It was just awesome

CAW! I recruited a real estate attorney to join my business team, and I negotiated down my closing costs: $400.00 for a buy and less than $200.00 for a sell. I also asked that my attorney negotiate the title insurance agent commission down, as this is a significant line item on the HUD and part of what makes closing costs add up very quickly. I will be costs savings for my company over the course of several deals. This law firm also does estates, probate and owns a real estate company. We had an excellent conversation around how we can help one another's businesses through a strategic partnership. This is a perfect situation for cross-marketing and cross-referral opportunities, and it opens the door to my acquiring free to low-cost mailing lists for my DM campaigns.

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Fortune Builders Mastery has given me the knowledge, confidence and insight I needed, in combination with my previous corporate experience at the senior level, to negotiate anything real estate-related with anyone, anywhere at any time. It's all about finding win/win relationships, and even though this is a startup situation, with FB Mastery I have the knowledge, coaching and backing to speak with confidence and subject matter expertise even while building my company up from the ground floor. Thank you to FB, and especially to Seanny Mac, who taught me SO much in those very first few days, LaDonna Smith and Amy Mahjoory for amazing full-immersion experiences, coach David Barnes for getting me solidly rolling in the right direction, and my favorite coach and buddy, Mel Feller.

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