Andrew Sewell Victory


Andrew Sewell Victory

Pinnacle Property Ventures LLC in Miramar, Florida
Andrew Sewell with Joanna Webley

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Started using a system, Made my first offer, Got my first deal under contract

Our Success Story In the FIRST week of our fortunebuilders training our curriculum asked for us to reach out to other investors online and start adding people to our master contact list. In doing so the FIRST DAY we reached out to an investor who had a property for sale in Belleville Illinois; we both live in Florida. This investor presented us with a home he had for sale and sent us information for us to purchase it. In speaking with our coach Ammon (whom has been a wealth of knowledge; couldn’t have done this effectively without him); we went ahead and presented an offer in the first week. Ammon helped us to start exercising the systems that has been put in place by Fortune, for us all. He told us immediately which sites to go to, in order to get an overview of the property; pleaded with us to get multiple realtor comps and contractor bids on the home if we were planning to rehab it, which is definitely the plan. This week we have spoken to the chosen contractor on payment structure, license and insurance, any subcontractors he may be using and gone through his entire proposal with the hope of him fine tuning his cost of rehabbing the home and coming back to us with a better proposal. We actually sound like we’ve been doing this for a while; quite honestly, this is our FIRST REHAB. Our success is this; within three weeks we have had multiple realtor comps, contractor comps; appraisal and inspection completed, hard money lender confirmed (again with the help of our coach) and now this home is under contract…….stay tuned, more to come. Andrew and Joanna

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Decided to follow a system, orchestrated by Fortune Builders.....WHOO HOO !!!!

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