Angelina Coleman Victory


Angelina Coleman Victory

CG Property Solutions in San Bernardino, CA
Angelina Coleman with Michael Coleman, Alphonso & Cynthia Gregory

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Helped a great cause I believe in, Started using a system, Created a new system, It was just awesome

I recently just finished translating our business credibility packet to Spanish to help with the language barrier with my Spanish speaking clients. I noticed a need for this during one of my meetings with a family friend. Her mom was contemplating on selling her home but did not want to get realtors involved. Her mother is very old world and trusted me being that I have known the family for years. The only thing is when I presented the credibility packet to her daughter she wanted to know what I gave her daughter. Despite the many attempts of trying to translate page by page it just upset and frustrated her. So at that moment and others that followed, ie: Former parents of mine (I am a former teacher) who just wanted information on what I am doing now. Who are very old school, not computer literate and wanted a pamphlet, or some hard copy material. Unfortunately, I could not provide that for them at the time. So, I decided to translate our packets so that it will better help the community. Sometimes that’s the only thing that prevents a full understanding is a language barrier. If we can clear that up then the sky is the limit. I was watching a movie with my daughters called Robots, and it had a great line in there which I have since incorporated into my life. The line is: “See a need, fill a need”, and I have been doing that ever since.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Yesenia Vasquez for helping me review and make sure I only put the best out there. Cassandra Taum for encouraging me to put it on FB Victories and be proud on what I have achieved.

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