Bela Schuch Victory


Bela Schuch Victory

B&L Quality Homes Inc in Albany, NY
Bela Schuch with Laurie Schuch

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on another deal, It was just awesome

CAW ! Finally closed on our latest rehab, B&L Quality Homes Inc now buying properties in Saratoga NY, This one was bank owned and put it under contract back in October, as we all know buying foreclosed and short sales can be a long and lengthy process but for us it's well worth the wait. this rehab is expected to take a month and we hope to have it back on the market by early May. Private lender funded 100% of purchase and rehab!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Starting off 2015, 2 finished rehabs up for sale, we just closed on our latest project in Saratoga NY, 2 more under contract,,using FB systems and the continued support from everyone in the FB family has helped make all this possible, Setting goals , taking action and implementing everything you learn here is the key.Thank you Fortune Builders, See you in Dallas ...Yeee Haaa!!!!

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