Bela Schuch Victory


Bela Schuch Victory

B&L Property Group,LLC in Albany, New York
Bela Schuch with laurie

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, It was just awesome

Today, I have successfully closed my business of 29+ years, owner and operator of Century Auto Body Repair. My goal: to be able to devote my time to our Real estate investment business and implement all the strategies and systems that Fortune Builders is teaching us. My wife and I joined Fortune Builders in April of this year. Since joining, we have set up 3 corporations through NCH, are about half way through our first rehab, and bought a property, rehabbed and rented out - in less than 2 months. Got a contract underway for another rehab, already have 2 private lenders lined up. Oh… and by the way…. bought a property through the Passive Income Club with Memphis Invest using our 401K! Yes, I’m ready to jump into this full time! Thank You Fortune Builders!! Bela and Laurie Schuch

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Fortune Builders gave us the encouragement and support to think outside the box and to take the necessary steps to get on a path to a successful real estate career. The support from the community is huge . The Facebook page is a great place to share ideas and give and receive information and advice from fellow Mastery students. The coaches have been great and gone over and above expectations. Boston Boot camp was a lot a fun! We went to San Diego last week for some Mind Protein with Bob McIntosh,Said hello to JD,set up our web site and learned all kinds of cool marketing stuff! If you apply what there is here to learn , there are no limits to what you can achieve ! Thanks again Fortune Builders

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