Bethany Finch Victory


Bethany Finch Victory

American Made Home Solutions LLC in Arlington, WA
Bethany Finch with Kurt Finch

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I have submitted my 2nd offer now, just throwing darts at the board ;-), and now have proof of funds lined up and approval from hard money lender! I feel like the roller coaster is picking up steam part of me wants to jump off and the other says lets see how fast it can go:-) I've already learned so much more about the process and am feeling more confident about speaking to agents and the importance of asking the right questions. Now I'll be tackling the negotiations part to not just get in the game but get the best deal!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Scott Stafford, who reminds me to just throw darts and get in the game, I would rather be playing than sitting on the sidelines reading the instructions any day. Alan Ferguson who told me about some HML in my area. To fortune builders support for the constant stream of information. To David Barnes who helped me see how I could achieve my goal without a name and still get in the game.

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