Bill Greene Victory


Bill Greene Victory

ROI Proportunities, LLC in Centennial, CO
Bill Greene with Marie Greene

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal

My wife, Marie, and I joined FortuneBuilders in Jan of 2017. We finally implemented our marketing last November and are now making about two offers per week! Last month, we finally sold our first wholesale deal found through a direct mailer targeting pre-foreclosures. The owner was disabled and told us that she chose our letter over 200 others. The closing and moving process was extremely difficult, due to the unfortunate poor mental state of the Seller, likely related to her disability. This taught me a heightened degree of patience and compassion as she was also very difficult to the movers who I hired for her and title professionals; she fought everything. In any case, it's all said and done and we grossed at spread of $11,000 on the deal and and netted about $6,000 due to the movers extra costs in dealing with the Seller. Well, live and learn. Speaking of which - we also learned a great deal more about Colorado State Contracts as per Foreclosure issues and related disclosures. VERY IMPORTANT!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

We want to give some gratitude to our coach, Dennis Cammack, here in Colorado for leading us to make this a Wholesale Deal rather than a Rehab Deal - so that we can double our marketing budget. Also, FortuneBuilders was key in this deal as per my confidence in negotiation, building rapport, and explaining contracts.

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