Bryan Cole Victory


Bryan Cole Victory

City Real Estate Solutions, LLC in Pinson, AL

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Got my first deal under contract

At first, I was not going to post this as a win because the property did not close. HOWEVER, after further review, I decided I did in fact WIN. I put my first property under contract in June. It was a wholesale deal and I negotiated to Wholesale the property with a 45 day close, no earnest money AND and opt-out clause for no reason. Seller was very happy with these terms. I told him I could find him a buyer and I DID!! This 3 bed 2 bath property was in extremely bad shape, in a bad crime neighborhood, but had great rental potential. I told myself, If i could sell this, I could sell anything. Through lots of trial and error and having to PUSH people to get paperwork submitted and complete and pushing the closing out twice, we finally got a HUD statement and was prepared to close in 2 days. This is where everything fell apart. The seller had a business partner who saw the HUD statement and they were getting $1,800 less than expected and wanted to pull out of the deal. It was not because the deal changed, the contracted amount WAS being paid. The problem was the seller's partner did not pay taxes for 2 years and it was being subtracted from their funds. Now not only are they going to have to pay the back taxes for the past 2 years, but this years taxes are coming due. They have not stepped foot on the property in 2 years and his partner decided they wanted to continue to flip this house afterall. I say good luck to them, but I have a feeling I will hear from them again. So to SUMMARIZE - i did in FACT WIN!! I found a buyer for a property in a bad neighborhood, in bad shape and the deal WAS set to close with no issues on the buyer side. On to the next one!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Big shout out to my Inner Circle Coach, Rob McIntosh who guided me along the way with the structure of the contract on the property. I had my initial thoughts of what i wanted to do and he confirmed that I was doing the right thing. Another big shout out to both Rob McIntosh & Mel Fuller who are helping me get past this and move on and focus on my strategy, my plan and my system.

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