Bryan Payne Victory


Bryan Payne Victory

TBJC Companies LLC in Waddell, AZ
Bryan Payne with Bryan Payne

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Helped someone else achieve a goal, Helped someone in Mastery, Started using a system, Got my first lead, Got my first deal under contract, Closed on my first deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property, It was just awesome

Our first deal!! Why not go with Scottsdale.... What an incredible accomplishment. I joined mastery with 3 others from my church. Between the 4 of us we had about one expert's knowledge of the Real Estate industry... maybe not expert, but we knew what a house was..... We found this deal through another Fortune Builder student that wholesaled it to us. She also tried helping to find funding as we had to extend closing twice due to private lenders coming and going. But it all worked out. We were referred to an amazing contractor by seller of the home. Ended up using them and rehabbed the whole property in less than 3 months. We did list it on Halloween... in a high price point for Phoenix that doesn't move very fast... during the start of the slowest selling season of the year... but we eventually sold it in March for a profit and only held it about a month and a half longer than we expected.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Tricia Manera was the wholesaler on this property for us and has been a huge encouragement in taking on the project and a good friend in the industry now! Fortune builder contracts were fantastic. I started using them from the very start and saved me $5,500 that I deducted from the contractors pay due to them delaying the project for 2 months.

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