Bud Makus Victory


Bud Makus Victory

Creative Solutions In Real Estate in Hillsboro, OR

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal

I finished my coaching program last Friday. Very thankful for my coach's dependability. Through his help and offer to be there when I hit road blocks I have more confidence. With his help I have started a relationship with a successful Real Estate agent who understands investors and we are working toward a quick turn and lease option strategies. I finally understand "subject to" purchasing (getting the deed), note and trust deed, land contract and more. Next is to get a handle on discount liens and 2nd mortgages on pre foreclosures.. My systematic post card mailing campaign will start by the end of next week Mailing to owners with vacant homes, defaulted mortgages. I have also found a few distressed homes in my own neighborhood. Thanks to Fortune builders my website should be up and running by June 19. CredibleHomeBuyers.com Also established my Nevada Corporation. "Helping homeowners and making a profit" is my motto! Thanks for everything! Thanks Mel!

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I appreciated what Than said about the amount of time needed to study so you know what you are doing. I am dedicating my self to continued study while I make contact with homeowners. Also able to go to the Portland, Oregon REIA meeting last week and see the value of such meetings.

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