Carlos and Yari Rubio Victory


Carlos and Yari Rubio Victory

CDY Real Estate Investors, Inc. in El Paso, TX

Type(s) of Victory: Sold another deal

Tomorrow will be the close of our 3rd deal and my wife and I are extremely excited! We started Fortune Builders back in February 2014, but started slowly as I had a full time Executive Job and my wife was juggling 10+ buyers and sellers as a Texas Agent. In Mid June of 2014 I quite my six figure job and started my new venture as a RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPER. Since June of 2014, my wife and I have rehabbed and sold 3 homes with profits of $37k, $78k and the most recent $21k. Our days on the market is 15 days and the last house that we sold we received a contract in 18 hours. We just put our fourth house on the market today, YES!!!. We are currently rehabbing 3 homes with an estimated combined profit of $160K. If are goals are meet for 2015 we will rehab 12 homes in 2015. We are blessed to be a part of this great Fortune Builders Family and we are excited with our new Business and look forward to growing our business to 18 homes in 2016 and 24 homes in 2017. We thank the LORD everyday for our blessings and out Fortune Builders Family.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

We want to thank our Inner Circle Coach, Patrick Judd, for his assistance in guiding and assisting us during our successful rehabs. We also want to thank the Fortune Builders Founders and coaches for the intense training my wife and I were able to participate in between the months of June - August of 2014 that truly assisted us and continues to guide us in our successful journey as Residential Redevelopers!

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