Carrie Bump Victory


Carrie Bump Victory

Bump Ahead Properties, Inc. in Richmond, Texas
Carrie Bump with Bryan Bump

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on my first deal

We purchased our first property with the intent to Rehab. In the purchasing of this home, we got the homeowner to go thru their ins co to replace the roof and we paid the deductible of $1750. We closed with 1 1/2 days before we were to leave on vacation. We decided to clean it up and put it on the market at a price that would reflect the amount ($25,000-$30,000) of rehab work that would need to be done and go on vacation. Cleaned and sanitized the a/c ducts, registers and coils, cleaned house, cleaned carpets, fixed 3 broken windows power washed all the deck, sidewalks, driveway and garage, cleaned up the landscape, turned on utilities and insurance to the total of 1850.00 If it didn't sell, we would come back, take it off the market, rehab and put it back on the market with an ARV of $205,000. After 6 days on the market, we had an almost full price offer with no contingency or seller contributions. Purchase price on the property was 120,000, which we borrowed from a private lender at 12% and no points. We sold at 164,000 which made our profit on our PREHAB with the holding costs and clean up $32,000. Not a bad CRUSH IT for our first one! Now for #2!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Thanks to Jeff Fallon and Steve Skains for wisdom and insight! Than for calling me names to make me more motivated. haha Paul and JD for a GREAT Rehab bootcamp! Especially JD for telling me to stay for the bootcamp after the internet intensive. You guys do a great job of getting everyone prepared for questions that come up and examples of thinking outside the box. Looking for many more wins in the future!

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