Carrie Oelrich Victory


Carrie Oelrich Victory

Daisy Property Solutions, LLC in Iowa City, IA

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal

I had been pretty frustrated recently trying to run my new real estate investing business while working full time and trying to keep up with the learning and coaching system thru the FB Mastery program. As my investing business started growing I kept feeling like I was wasting my time 8 hours everyday working at my job. I took the 3 day class and joined Mastery back in November of 2014. Not long after, I set what I thought was a really outrageous goal to quit my full-time job on my 10 year anniversary. I started going to local REIA meetings and recently found a realtor that works with investors and also does property management. I had mentioned to him that I might be interested in getting into property management and he said that he was looking to hire someone to help him with that. It was never my plan to go work for someone else if I was going to walk away from a job that most people wouldn't leave because it was easy and paid well. I got to thinking about it and figured I might as well take a chance and go work for this guy and learn about real estate while getting paid! I am happy to say that I quit my job on 8/14/15 which put me a couple days over my 10 year anniversary! I know I made the right decision because even tho I am still working for someone else I am actually spending my entire day learning about real estate, systems and property management! Plus, I have also been able to purchase 3 rental properties of my own and grow my personal portfolio while helping other people do the same! Make no mistake, I was scared and thought I was crazy to walk away from my job of 10 years but I was more scared to not take the chance and always wonder what if...instead I decided to live with no regrets because life really is too short!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I want to give a special shout out to Sandy Rice! She took the time to listen and was very helpful and understanding during the calls when I was frustrated and wanted to give up on the program and my business. She wouldn't let me quit. She went above and beyond to reach out to me to make sure I was keeping the right mindset and encouraged me to keep moving forward. She helped me focus on reaching small goals to get my business back on track! I highly recommend reaching out to Sandy if you find yourself struggling and just need someone who will listen and help get you back on track as well!

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