Chad Lower Victory


Chad Lower Victory

House buyers KC in Overland Park, KS

Type(s) of Victory: Sold another deal

A seller contacted me from a post card and wanted to sell me her house. I looked at the property and reluctantly made an offer. The house was on a busy street, full of trash, and needed a lot of work. We agreed on a price of $45,000. My contractor began working on the proeprty, His crew cleaned the trash out, demo the flooring, entire kitchen, and bathroom. I had the entry doors replaced, installed a new roof, and had some plumbing work started. This was a total of $8,000 in repairs. The plumber told me he had given my phone number out to the neighbor and that they wanted to buy the house. I told the neighbor I wasn't really interested in selling the house. She said I'd have to sell it to her and that her daughter owned the house next door and she wanted to live next to her daughter. She offered to pay me 25,000 more than I paid for the house. I said No way. I'm planning to keep this house for retirement and that it was going to be a rental property. Then I said, the county appraised price is around 125,000 to 130,000. The house sits on a double lot. I'll sell you the house and both lots for 120,000. She said would you go 80,000? I said no. If you want to buy the house, I'll keep the other lot and you can have it for 100,000. Then she said, So 120,000 for the house? I said yes you can have the house and both lots for 120,000. She called me back a couple days later and said she was picking up a check for the house and asked if she could have a 4,000 discount. I said, If I give you a 4,000 discount, then do we have a deal? She said 100% yes. So I ended up selling the house to her for 116,000 cash and made a nice 60,000 profit.

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Thanks to my sales trainer, Coach, Mary Anchutz, and the Fortune Builders Team for training and education.

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