Chris Baustert Victory


Chris Baustert Victory

Family Credit Angels in Bell, CA
Chris Baustert with his 3 Children: Michelle, Giovanny and Maxwell

Type(s) of Victory: It was just awesome!

At 47 years of age, the best Father's Day I have ever had was on 6-16-2013. My handsome son, the third and final partner in the family biz, was born at 4:52 pm. Thank you God for my beautiful and persistent wife! Thank you FB for the new opportunity to have a successful life.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Cole Hatter married my wife and I after a great 3 day opportunity seminar on Mother's Day. Talk about making your lady happy. I never expected her response later that night, because I surprised her about setting up the ceremony with Cole. He offered at the beginning of the seminar. I bet he never thought anyone would ever take him up on it. She told me that was the best wedding and surprise she could ever want. Pretty darn amazing and a great way to start a commitment to life and my family.

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