Christopher (aka) "Topher" Miller Victory


Christopher (aka) "Topher" Miller Victory

N/A in Atlanta, GA

Type(s) of Victory: It was just awesome, Other type of victory

Greetings and Salutations! I'm so pumped and excited to be starting off on the path to investing with Fortune Builders that I had to share it this morning! I start everyday off with some positive affirmations, quotes, remembering what my "why" is, and...watching a video wins! It's keeping me fired up. I love this site because it's like plugging into the matrix...instant motivation man! Since I attended the first free seminar in Atlanta, the message was loud and clear: Financial Freedom! I'm not talking rich here, I'm talking FREE!! Freedom from the the rat race, the stress, the missing time with family (who I sometimes wonder if they remember who I am we spend so much time apart because of work), missing time with friends, being there, showing up for life man! I didn't even think twice to sign up for the 3 day insiders training. Some people balked at the cost, but not me. It was a small price to pay for 30 hour weekend of information that would have probably taken 5 years to extrapolate! Shout out to all the fantastic staff who came to the Atlanta for the 3 day insiders workshop: John Steingrabber (amazing speaker with and incredible story of tragedy & triumph), Charles, Dory, Noah, and especially Brent Draper who worked with me and opened up my eyes to a different way of thinking about money! I interviewed and signed up for Mastery at the end of the weekend. I knew I wanted it by the end of the first hour, haha. I didn't think I had the financial means to do it, but I found a way with Brent's help...Thanks again! I got on the Mastery website immediately, and got started with the curriculum. I was assigned a coach: Robynne Alexander who I just completed my first coaching call with. Whats up Robynne?? That woman has it all together man!! She got me laser focused on what I need to do, my goals, and getting started. She also showed a lot of enthusiasm, encouragement, and faith in my abilities to achieve my goals and dreams. Rockin' Robynne!! Looking forward to more to come! I could say so much more, but Ill just close with saying that I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and everyone's help. I believe in 2 things: success and growth!! Here is to both!! See you guys on the field!!

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Shout out to: Than, Paul, JD and the Pioneers!! John Steingrabber, Brent Draper, and Robynne Alexander and everyone giving their time and knowledge at Fortune Builders. Truly grateful for showing me how to travel along this path!

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