Corey Loghry Victory


Corey Loghry Victory

Homeceptional Properties, LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Corey Loghry with Shon Dermody

Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member

Based on the FB philosophy of "there are no competitors" Shon contacted a number on another bandit sign in town. This investor, Eric, is a young man who buys one house, does all the work himself and either sells it or holds it and moves on to the next project. When Shon had to return to Afghanistan, Eric and I continued to communicate about the progress we were each making on our projects. On a Tuesday I received a call from Gabe. Gabe tells me he is a friend of Eric's; interested in learning about different real estate investment processes. Gabe goes onto say he was contacted by Eric, who was contacted by Susan (another local investor we hadn't met) regarding a rehab deal Susan had put together. Susan's financing was in jeopardy so she contacted Eric. Eric didn't have the financing so he referred Susan to Gabe. Gabe didn't have the financing, but because of our previous conversations Eric told Gabe to call me. It turns out both Gabe and I were layed off from the government the same day so we had some time on our hands! Gabe explained a little about the deal and offered to put me in touch with Susan. I suggested that because Gabe had expressed an interest in learning that he take advantage of the opportunity and make the call and we meet Susan together. Within hours we were at the property meeting Susan and a very eager owner who reduced the price of his bi-level house and six acres of land by $10,000 before we even got out of the car. We toured the property and estimated the repairs. We then met with Susan who explained she was looking for financing. Shon contacted Susan from Afghanistan and didn't offer financing, rather offered a marketing fee and ended up buying the deal for $130,000 on Wednesday. We closed on Friday. Because we were open to exploring opportunities, we closed on this house in two days and expanded our networking circle. We sent Gabe a marketing fee for contacting us and he has since excitedly offered to be a bird dog until he gets to a point in his life where he obtains financing. We are estimating approximately $45,000 profit on this project.

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Because of FB's philosophy on networking and embracing your competetiors, both Shon and I were able to curb our competetive natures. Without that seed being planted that competitors can really be allies, we wouldn't have been open to sharing and we never would have gotten this deal.

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