Courtney O'Keefe Victory


Courtney O'Keefe Victory

Opportunity Home Buyers in West Palm Beach, FL
Courtney O'Keefe with Mary Kiler and Patrick O'Keefe

Type(s) of Victory: It was just awesome

After having a tenant move out unexpectedly on their lease we were in a race to repair and fix the house to get it ready to be rented again. With a limit budget we managed to get the property completely repainted, fixing some of the appliances and electric, repairing the damaged woodwork and drywall, cleaned spotless and rented out within 3 weeks, as if we never lost our tenant at all. My first win to report, many more to come..

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I was confident when interviewing contractors to help with some of the repairs. Thanks to my Mastery, for teaching me to ask the right questions.

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