Cynthia Smith Victory


Cynthia Smith Victory

Sapphire Hill Property Solutions in Larkspur, Colorado
Cynthia Smith with Keelie Smith, Danny Smith

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life

Starting back after being without a computer is intimidating, to say the least. But, I want to share what we did to fix the problem. After running AVG several times, we thought we were going to have to start all over. But, after asking nearly everyone we talked with, we found two programs that we feel need mentioning in case anyone else needs help. Both are free and easy enough for me to use. One is and the other is My computer was so bad (over 600 problems) I wouldn't even open my mail for fear of contaminating anyone else, but I think everything is fixed. We did have to run malwarebytes and ccleaner several times and we have AVG set to run everyday automatically. I sure hope none of you have this problem, but I hope these two 'problem fixers' help you if you need them.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I have to say, and I am sure all of you know, the ONE THING that kept me working so hard to fix my computer, is FortuneBuilders. I still had my 'books' and I knew everyone at FB would 'be there' when I got back and running. While this computer was 'down,' though frustrating, I knew I had the knowledge to do this job without a computer for a little while. Fortunately, I had printed out just a few copies of some significant forms I might need while riding around just in case of a 'cold call.' I guess the best thing Fortune Builders has given me is the confidence to move forward and let NOTHING hold me back! That is also the reason I persisted and got my computer fixed so fast. I was both encouraged and motivated, remembering you guys would 'be there.' I have driven around town and found some properties to try to tackle, been to the courthouse gathering information, I know FB has provided the tools I need to succeed and I have to say, THIS IS THE FUNNEST JOB I HAVE EVER HAD!!!

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