Damon Amato Victory


Damon Amato Victory

Active Property Group LLC in Northborough, MA
Damon Amato with Larissa Amato

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on my first deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property, It was just awesome

It's been a very educational 15 months for our first ever deal. A five unit condo conversion on Salisbury beach, MA. We borrowed over $1.1 million dollars, had our rehab budget go from $300k up to $420k, dealt with a bad contractor that had to be fired, a stop work order, sprinkler systems, complicated condo documents with two different buildings, a yearly flood insurance premium of $32,000, and three very difficult buyers. Somehow we survived without losing much money in a deal where literally almost everything went wrong. We persevered through very difficult times and feel like we came out on top.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Ben Legare helped us throughout this project, providing valuable expertise with design, structural issues, and difficult buyers.

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