Daniel Ashley Victory


Daniel Ashley Victory

Allegiant Group, LLC., DBA-GL Home Buyers in Oak Grove, Missouri
Daniel Ashley with Stacey Ashley and kids, Dustin, Julian, and Noah

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on another deal

We received a call (Bandit Sign) from a person wanting to sell a house in Kansas City. The seller was wanting to get 10K plus for his property and it was determined that the property was in poor condition based of seller lead information. Based on the seller wanting to close quick, we made the decision to drive to the house which was about a twenty-five minute drive from our office. Once there, I realized the area was a very low end neighborhood with home values ranging from 2K-25K. The house had been boarded up and anything copper or not bolted down had been stolen. The house appeared to have fallen off of the rock foundation, literally!!! This house was beyond needing bulldozed, so I thought. I contacted the owner/seller who secured a contract for $1,000.00. I called a great friend of ours who we met from our bandit sign shortly after joining Master and told her about the property knowing she was a cash buyer. At this time, we had three renovations going at once and did not think it was worth the time to put into marketing what we thought was junk. We structured it as if she was an agent under our company giving her the ability to wholesale the property for us and agreed split the profits. She was more that happy with this and started marketing the property to her buyers. She called back a few days later and told me she had a buyer at 3K. She completed most of the paperwork for me which we completed over email. Within days, and about three hours of our time, we profited 2K which was split with this person. I would say $333.33 an hour for three hours of time was "Crushing It"

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Fortune Builders has taught us how to use systems which works if you stick to the action plan. Not only did we get the best training available, we have a new family which I look forward to sharing stories with for the rest of our family's lives. Thanks FB Family and our Great Coach Bob Lachance for your support. Crush It.

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