Daniel Ashley Victory


Daniel Ashley Victory

Allegiant Group, LLC in Oak Grove, Missouri
Daniel Ashley with Stacey Ashley

Type(s) of Victory: Other type of victory

This is exciting!!! While walking our 3 boys around on Halloween Night, I had someone say, "Hey, are you Danny Ashley". As a police officer in this town, I was hesitant to answer him. I was also stumped because it was well after dark and I could not even see this guys face. So after answering, this guy "Randy" said that he wanted to sell his house and needed to do it fast. He said that he was going to loose the house due to back taxes and further said that it needed a lot of work inside. Randy said that he had heard around town that I was buying houses and he remembered my face due to looking just like his little brother. After several weeks of talking to Randy, he remained hesitant to move forward. Randy explained that this was his first house and said that he did not want to let it go. I explained to him that he would be proud to see our company fix it up rather that let the county sell it on the tax auction. Two months later, we have it under contract and plan to close on it in the next few days. Crushing it FB Style!!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Fortune Builders helped me build my toolbox up with things I can use while meeting with home owners and/or sellers. You all have given us the ability to communicate with a home owner and explain everything needed to sell a home. Thanks FB for all the coaching and a special thanks to Bob Lachance.

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