Daniel Ashley Victory


Daniel Ashley Victory

Allegiant Group, LLc in Oak Grove, MO
Daniel Ashley with Stacey Ashley

Type(s) of Victory: Paid it forward somehow

Growing up I have always wanted to do something for my mom. You know, for taking care you as a child the way a mother does. She worked very hard and I have not been able to return the favor. Recently, my mom and step-dads luck has been at an ultimate low. The possibility that cancer has returned to his lungs(Stage 4). My mom and step dad did something that many home owners do, they refinanced their house for cash. They now owed more that what we have sold our renovations for in the same neighborhood. The house badly needs renovations to the inside. The refi was for a new roof, windows, siding and garage doors. They are both medically retired due to both having cancer and have a few hundred dollars at the end of the month after the bills are paid. While Dave's was in the hospital this September 2015, I received a call from my sister who discovered a problem with the water heater while feeding the dogs. The heater had started leaking in the basement. Once a plumber arrived, it was determine that the heater was super heating the water and had a 5 inch dip in the vent flue that had been that way since installation in 1998. Not only was it an explosion hazard, it was dumping carbon monoxide into the home. The only repair was to put in a shorter tank or convert to electric heater. While talking to my mom at the hospital my mom was quick to say, I will buy a heater on my emergency credit card. This was quickly shot down and explained that it was creating another problem, but with a delay. Dave was laying on the hospital bed trying to talk with severe pneumonia in both lungs and the discovery of several discovered lumps was helpless with the repair of the heater for the first time in his life. While looking at my mom and Dave, I could see that they were scared. I had never seen this in their eyes this much before. So, I made my mom and Dave a deal. It was a deal based on my family's personal beliefs. My wife and I were to purchase and installed a new heater for her to get rid of the cards and she would she start paying herself back 1,000.00 so she could afford the next emergency like this. Of course my mom argued trying to say she would pay us back which we refused. I told her several times that we don't loan money to family or friends. We only give. My mom was now in a position that she had not been in before with her kids and she was very hesitant to accept our offer. While my moms trying to explain her thoughts on paying us back, I hear my step dads cracking stern voice say, "Paula, let Daniel do what he wants to do!!". It was the sound of a man who was also new to this situation. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he know this was important to us our family to give back as we are taught to do. The next day, a plumber installed the new electric water heater in her home. My mom and Dave now have an cash emergency fund started and working their way to 1K. Thank you Fortune Builders for guiding my family today.

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