Dave Brooks Victory


Dave Brooks Victory

Checkbook Homes in Connecticut, Connecticut
Dave Brooks with Eileen, Ethan & Jill

Type(s) of Victory: It was just awesome, Other type of victory

I approached my first contractor face to face. Didn't quite get the opening pitch correct, but he didn't know that. His first question was "Sounds like you are a flipper?", I replied with "not exactly, we renovate houses to make them desirable again, for both resale and to add to our portfolio". Some of that was what I practiced, but I like the way that sounded better! His next question was "So you beat up on the price?" And my retort started out very natural with, I chuckled, and then said "This is serious business," not sure where that came from but I like it! "and we do expect wholesale pricing..." and went into explaining some of the benefits. To my surprise, the contractor started showing me picture of his previous work and handed me not one but two business cards. What a fun experience.

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I just finished the Rehabbers Bootcamp and have been working on this all week. Saw my first opportunity and took it! Paul and JD made it sound sooo... easy. I now get what they are talking about. Thanks

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