David Deile Victory


David Deile Victory

David Deile with his wife Kathleen Hoover

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal Reached a business goal Got my first deal under contract

We are new Mastery Students as of March 2013. My wife Kathleen is an incredible and dedicated deal shopper. Her efforts have produced countless homes that we have already looked at and we've made multiple offers along the way. Ironically, It was a house that we learned of through an ad I placed that turned into an accepted offer. I wish they were all that easy. So now we have a house under contract. We are scheduled for a July 1st close date and still scrambling to secure funding for this deal. Hard Money Lenders are not lending in the region that we live and seek deals, we're unable to fund the deal ourselves and we've been unable to secure any Private money either. Has anyone got a suggestion where to turn or interested in taking a look at a great opportunity in Breckenridge, MN.?

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The advertising I did that lead a seller to me was something I wouldn't have done without Fortune Builders recommending it. Even after doing it, I wasn't convinced it would work, but it has. Now I need to figure out streams to do more of it.

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