Derrick Britt Victory


Derrick Britt Victory

Neighborhood Home Restorers in Antelope, California
Derrick Britt with Luzviminda Britt and Kyla Britt

Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member, Other type of victory

Today was really a victory for our business, first I met my Inner Circle coach David Augustine, what a great conversation we shared, I really felt at ease with David, we seemed to really connect in our first meeting, he made me feel very much a part of the Inner Circle family. That was very important for us, knowing that we have an experienced team of professionals supporting our efforts as we start our new business. I am excited about the direction and the personal guidance David offered during this first meeting, he was very positive and motivating, you really feel your company will be successful if you work hard and follow the systems in place. Also, the networking opportunities seem endless...this also helped ease the questions regarding networking, with who?? and how, where do I find the contacts I will need to build our team. There is so much to absorb as a new Inner Circle family member that David's experence provided the focus needed to get our companies "motor skills" up and running.....that is a great confidence builder. So, Big Thank You to David, I'm looking forward to all our future coaching sessions, I know I will learn a lot from my Inner Circle family.....CAW!!!!! Derrick & Luz Britt

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Without the FB family, the Mastery family and the Inner Circle faimly, I would still be asking myself, Now that I'm retired, What Am I Going to Do??. I mean you can olny play so much golf!! So, instead of watching "Let's Make A Deal" I asking the right seller, buyer or lender...."Let's Make A Deal" CAW

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