Desence Hunter Victory


Desence Hunter Victory

Hunter Property Solutions, Inc. in Waldorf, MD
Desence Hunter with N/A

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal

I am very much an introvert so getting out to meet new people, or just pushing my limits without friends/family right beside, usually doesn't happen. But, I went to my first real estate investors meeting this past Friday, and a second meeting on Saturday. I also got up the nerve to hand out four business cards: three at the first smaller group meeting but only one at the much larger member meeting. I really wish I had pushed myself just a little more to reach out and talk with more people during the second meeting but I felt very out of place and a little nervous about making connections. Still, I have four new connections to add to my contact list of professional, and other new, real estate investors.

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Mr. Ammon is really pushing me to get past my anxiety and start making those connections. I won't be able to succeed in this business if I can't get myself out there to make those calls, meet new people, and hopefully eventually close on some deals.

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