Drew Hutchison Victory


Drew Hutchison Victory

Peaceful Property Parnters in Raleigh, NC

Type(s) of Victory: Closed on my first deal

Did my first wholesale deal ever!!!! Bought a house that was full of you know what! https://youtu.be/SjWvMDkCWFQ Put the house under contract for 12k (it was going into tax foreclosure so I had to move quick) Had about -20 days until the auction happened. Made about 75-125 phone calls to agents and investors and property management companies and found a buyer after 4 days who paid 19k! How did I get the lead?? OPM!!! Networking and law of attraction, the investors I met at the REIA groups knew I was hungry and send me over some properties to take a look at!! Thank you FortuneBuilders!!! CRUSH IT

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Shout out to David Channon, FortuneBuilders, Than, Paul, Konrad, Benny, Noah, Ryan, Katie, Zyzek, Dylan, Dylan, Mende, Miller, Dania, Gabby, Emily, Leslie, Yesi, Gio, Baird, Hung, Mota, D-rock, My Mom, King, Patynski, Kandle, Renee, Kristen for hiring me, Ebony, Randal, Chris, Rashad Brooks, Chris Robinson, Andy Tanner There's so many people that help me along my journey and i'm grateful for everyone!!

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