Drew Williams Victory


Drew Williams Victory

arago home solutions, LLC in halsey, OR

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Other type of victory

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Well, the E myth philosophy certainly changed the way I am approaching everything. sadly, at the same time I started into the jumpstart program, I became forced to turn my attention to getting a food truck open to survive the winter. Now however, I am focused on getting it automated so I can put someone in it as soon as possible so I can get my attention back on this program as soon as possible. the need to keep the lights on and the mortgage paid, as well as the constant attention I need to give my mom, in assisted care has my attention pretty much monopolized at the moment. Mel Feller is an awesome coach, understanding and supportive of me situation .his instructions are things I am going to get back to as soon as I am able. I have enjoyed my calls with him very much. I am going to do this, and make it work. it would be easy to say that I picked the wrong time to do the jumpstart program, but if I had not done it when I did, I probably never would have. now I have some tools to do my food truck better, and a lot of what I need to pursue my real estate investing career, with WILL happen. Drew Williams Arago Home Solutions.

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