Dustin Heppleston Victory


Dustin Heppleston Victory

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Dustin Heppleston with Irene Heppleston

Type(s) of Victory: Rehabbed a beautiful property

Hey Guy's, I just wanted to share a victory of mine. Before Joining fortune builders I had purchased a rental to rent to my Friends without any knowledge or experience in being a landlord. As the story goes they started to abuse my business by not paying rent on time and not paying me at all. I found out they had a serious addiction to a narcotic called Oxycontin. By that time they had destroyed my house and almost destroyed my house. After signing up to fortune builders I decided that enough is enough and if every decision you makes either makes money or costs you money then I had to stop the bleeding! I put my real-estate education on hold and I took on my first re-hab of my own property. I thought to myself how can anyone invest in a person that has a problem in his own "Back Yard" that he cannot fix. I started the rehab and after paying contractors out of pocket, borrowing money from my mother and financing materials on ever credit card I had we ended up completing the rehab 6 months later. I broke even on the property, paid of a majority of the debts, and learned a valuable lesson! I no longer rent to my friends and always use a professional property manager to take care of my properties. Now that I have completed that stage of my life I am going back through my Fortune Builder curriculum and getting back on top of my life and my real-estate business.

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Without the fortune builder first meeting I would have never had the inspiration to execute this and although it was hard my family and I got it done!

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