Eddie Bodkin Victory


Eddie Bodkin Victory

1800sellnow Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Started using a system, Rehabbed a beautiful property, It was just awesome

I signed up to Mastery about a year ago and up until that time I had only wholesaled properties to other investors. Even though I have done fairly well wholesaling, I wanted to move into something with higher profits and something that would bring a greater sense of satisfaction. I decided to get into my first rehab after I signed up to Mastery because I saw that I had the right systems to make it work. I found an investor to put up the money and I jumped in head first. The rehab took a little longer than what I wanted but the end result was amazing. I had a contract on the house after only 2 weeks of being on the market and that house sold for more per square feet than any other house in that neighborhood. It was also a much better feeling to put a quality product on the market as opposed to wholesaling low end rental properties. I enjoyed rehabbing so much that I have raised more capital and I am currently working on other projects. This experience also helped me break free from what I felt was just holding me back in my real estate business. I was working way too hard for what I was making partly because the amount of profit for most wholesale deals in my area is fairly low and you have to keep doing a lot of volume to make any money. However, rehabbing allows me to leverage my efforts much better and to earn a lot more per deal. I plan to shift most of my business to focus on rehabbing and just wholesale the stuff I don't want.

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Signing up to Fortune Builders has been the best decision of my real estate investing career. Even though I have had some success in real estate the past several years, I knew that I wasn't coming close to reaching my potential. Now that I am a part of Mastery, my eyes have been opened to multiple different things that need to be implemented in my business in order to go to the next level. Interestingly, everyone around me who I am currently investing with discouraged me from signing up. However, they were all wrong! Now they see the changes I have implemented in my business the past year and they are very impressed. Also, I believe that Fortune Builders is by far the best real estate education available. I have researched most other coaching programs and educational seminars and I haven't found anybody that comes close to what Fortune Builders teaches. Most other gurus act like their course or product is the best but every one of them have fallen way short of giving me the strategies and systems necessary to be successful in today's real estate market. I believe that being a part of the Fortune Builder's family has changed the course of my financial future and will impact my family and friends for years to come. I am thankful to be a part of a group of people who want to keep it real. The coaches and students have all been a very helpful resource in helping me reach my financial goals. I am excited about what is next!

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