edward terry Victory


edward terry Victory

CT Property Solutions in quakertown, Pennsylvania

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Fixed something in my life, Got my first deal under contract, Rehabbed a beautiful property

My wife in June 2013 came home in tears and was not clear on her next quest. She has worked part time her whole life, but as our son was getting ready to pick a college, she realized there was going to be a void. She asked me to go to this 3 day seminar and wanted to flip homes again. We flipped one home in 2008 and stopped when the market turned. I could see in her face she was serious, so I said no problem. There was no way some one close to me. especially my wife, was not going to take a risk and go for their dream. So we joined Mastery (much to my skepticism) and began the process. Our company goal is to flip 4 this year and make $80,000 (net). She found a home in December and we won the bid. She loved this home and put her heart into it. The home is such a success that the entire neighborhood is a buzz. Local politicians and Church leaders stopped by during rehab and we sold it the same day for $13,000 above budget. It is also sold for $20,000 more then several comps in the area and all happened because of her passion, amazing rehab and staging skills. We now have a second complete and expect the exact same results and to get more then the average. The other success here is we had private investors on home 1 and did not have to leverage our money. They have seen the home and fully expect them to invest again. We did it by networking and meeting all the local FB students in our area to create and stay in momentum. When we talk to people stuck, the common theme is they take time off and have to keep trying to start again....we never stopped. We did not invest 100 of hours a week, but every week we did something to keep moving the needle.

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We actually had FB students invest in this property and meet them at the 3 day seminar, plus we used our coaching calls to aligned business goals for focus. We used the documents for the investors, asked tons of questions via "support" and made sure we used all to tools the entire way to feel confident in getting the deal done. Knowing we could ask and asking where key. The drama of paying for join FB and the pressure once you finally get moving to complete a project can be stressful. When you can read, watch videos and ask other what they recommend it builds confidence.

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