Ellen Francis Victory


Ellen Francis Victory

Quick Buy Home Solutions, LLC in Lakewood, CO
Ellen Francis with Keith Sanford

Type(s) of Victory: Other type of victory

Last Thursday, I started my real estate broker classes! I've been in FB for almost a year and have learned something new with every property that we view and make offers on; and I'm still learning from FB resources and coaching. Yet, I was surprised at how much more I learned in my first day of class on contracts. If it wasn't for my FB education, I would have been lost. Thanks to my 'immersion' this year, I was able to follow and understand our fast paced instructor. It's exciting to know that I'm on a new path for a new career that is exciting and offers so many different ways to generate income. Lots of thanks to the coaches for their continued support!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I really appreciate the positive attitude and helpfulness of our Colorado investor family - Karen Bordner, Mary Aschutz, the O'Hearns and many more. All so pleasant as mentors and great educators. It's wonderful to have these people available to answer questions, bring us training and remind us of our wins.

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