Frank Iglesias Victory


Frank Iglesias Victory

Working With Houses, LLC in Atlanta, GA

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal Helped someone else achieve a goal Helped someone in Mastery

I have been blessed to help people lately accomplish the goal of getting their first deal. Four, specifically, in the last 90 days. It has been very cool to help them make it happen and seeing the excitement they now bring to the table. One of them is closing their second deal in 45 days next week and another closed their second today and their third next week. A third person is doing mobile home work now along side of building up wholesaling in their business. And the fourth may be taking on a rehab alongside of learning wholesaling more in-depth. It has been fun and in the middle of it, I started a meetup group in Atlanta just for wholesalers which has been fun!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

FortuneBuilders has helped by imparting tons of great knowledge and helping create a network of people that are oriented towards success. As our business has grown, it has been fun to see what comes out of it with consistent effort. Hearing Pat, in particular, discuss philosophy is a great encouragement to keep us tuned into reality while pursuing our higher aspirations. Much appreciated!

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