Frank Roose Victory


Frank Roose Victory

Hometown Real Estate Info in Dothan, AL

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented an individual system, Started using a system

3 Mar - Goals and visualization. Watched visualization video for an hour and taking notes. What ever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. So I write down my goals and my subconscious begins to work on it. I visualize what I want and believe it. My subconscious begins to work on it. Doing a visualizaition exercise is beneficial because if you keep telling your mind that what you want is real, it is already coming to your and you believe it, pretty soon it will come to you. In the meantime your mind cannot tell the differnce between neither the reality of you receiving or not receiving the results you expect to receive, nor the reality or unreality of what you believe. I am learning to implement these methods.

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Thanking FB for their mentoring/coaching plan.

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