Frank Roose Victory


Frank Roose Victory

Hometown Real Estate Info in Dothan, AL

Type(s) of Victory: Started using a system, Got my first lead, Made my first offer

Posted 25 bandit signs around town and been receiving a ton of calls. The calls only slow down when my signs start disappearing. I found a new way to post signs on telphone poles rater than on the wire "H" on the side of road. I can place them 10 feet off the ground in a matter of seconds.

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2 Mar - Researched three houses and made offers. One story, traditional, 3br 2ba, needs a slight rehab, roof. floor and foundation work on one end. Second house is a 3/2, good roof, need a little updating and mostly painting. Third house is really rough. It is a two story house with a pool and needs total rehab, Viewed houses with my realtor. Made my first offers since being with FB. Let's do it.

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