Jacqueline Daley Victory


Jacqueline Daley Victory

1964 in Ft Myers, FL

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal

i've been working my butt off day and night learning this business from ground zero. i've spent most of my time watching the videos and taking notes, cramming it all into my brain. i started building my contact list with all the different players i need, learning the specific dialogs i need to have with each one. i'm finishing creating my business cards and credibility packets. i bought a web domain and a business email. i created another gmail account for my two new phone lines so i can keep my contacts separate from my personal contacts. i will learn how to import my contacts to the excel template provided by FB. getting ready to order my bandit signs and cards too.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

don't know if this message will reach him but just wanted to shout out to Dennis Nipper, Mastery Student in cape coral, florida. he was at my workshop last month and i'd like to keep in touch but he wasn't allowed to give out his number.

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