Jason Saunders Victory


Jason Saunders Victory

Beloit, WI
Jason Saunders with KIm Mork

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Found a great team member, Found another leader, It was just awesome, Other type of victory

Made a decision to focus my energy, passion, enthusiasm,business experience,drive,natural talents and God Given ability to pursue wholeheartedly a career in real estate, where the potential to earn is unlimited, and where my time and efforts are rewarded financially, in turn to use my wealth to help enrich others. Attending the workshop in Janesville and following up on the materials I feel very enthusiastic that I have a new mentor to learn from. for 18 years I co-owned business ran me, 80 hours a week, accountable to 3000 customers, 250 of them Commercial customers. I learned to efficiently manage the scheduling of 20,000 performed services per year, developing and executing a marketing plan, and visiting 20 leads a day w/ an avg closing of 6.4 out of every 10 managing 18 employees with 12 Vehicles in the field, all with 2 office staff(MY sister and I ) and Rick Montreal, the primary owner, mentor and lifelong friend. What happened after that is really crazy........In the end it led me to Than's workshop. Having been in a life changing work accident in 2013, this has been the motivation I need to not give up on myself and abilities, and reside to a life of boredom and mediocrity. I feel like i'm back on the path of achievement and success, I have somebody to walk behind, and they will run as fast as I can keep up, and for a guy who can't run, I can hop really fast !! I am looking forward and willing to put in the work necessary to be your next success story. Thank you, See you at the Madison seminar next week !! Jason Saunders

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The introduction class was very motivating, and very clearly presented

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