Jennifer Salisbury Victory


Jennifer Salisbury Victory

Makawao, HI
Jennifer Salisbury with Michael D Salisbury

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Started using a system, It was just awesome

We are 11 days in as Mastery Students, and while we are not new at this, we are certainly learning a new way of thinking in a NEW WORLD! We just had our FIRST COACHING CALL. During that call we talked about 3 deals we have brewing in both Canada and in Hawaii. (Our coach was amazing, but I think he needed to let us talk!) We learned that the deals we are working on are EXACTLY what we need to be working on AND he explained (and emailed) us on how to market for funds to make these deals a reality! Our victories are many: our first coaching call, 3 deals in 2 countries on the go, I will soon become a property manager broker in BC very soon and my husband and I are a team in this (which is VERY cool). The best part? We are on vacation with family doing ALL of these deals and calls and everything REMOTELY. Just AWESOME.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Mel Feller - YOU ROCK! Thank you for helping us RIGHT where we needed it! Did you really do all that in 30 minutes? (YES YOU DID!) While we are scared to death, the more we read, the more we learn, the more we DO with FortuneBuilders, the higher the confidence we have IN OURSELVES! Thank you Mel and the FB Family!

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